How to Construct a Low-Cost Home Solar Generator

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Solar generators utilize solar energy to generate electricity, allowing your home’s appliances to continue operating even when there is a power outage. Solar generators are fully fueled by the sun’s nonrenewable resources. The best part is that solar generators are inexpensive and simple to build at home for between $250 and $300.

Solar generators use a number of solar cells to convert solar energy into electricity. These cells, which are used in solar panels and go by the name photovoltaic cells, These panels can also be put as free-standing structures far from the house, however they are typically attached to roofs.

Building Your Solar Power System

When you have paid for the expense of building your solar power system, you will be able to 2000 watt solar generator for nothing as long as you reside in a region that receives a good amount of sunlight. You might be able to sell your excess electricity to your utility company and get paid with checks instead of bills!

The cells store the electricity produced by the solar panels for use at night or on overcast days. Aside from lowering your electricity costs, solar energy doesn’t harm the environment or contribute to the depletion of non-renewable fossil fuels like coal.

Resources Required:

  • panel solar 12 volts
  • 12-volt lead-acid battery, gel battery, or deep-cycle battery
  • power supply
  • DC input for a 12-volt meter
  • Inverter

Insulated Wire Is Used to Construct Solar Generators

You must first gather your supplies. Purchase a 12-volt solar panel from an RV or marine supply store. These are about $100 each. Purchase a battery box and a 12-volt lead/acid battery, deep cycle battery, or gel battery. These batteries cost around $50 and are available at marine supply shops. Unlike the type of battery used in an automobile to start its engine, they will offer constant power. It should only cost around $10 for the battery.

A 12-volt DC meter should cost around $30 at any DIY retail outlet like Lowe’s or Home Depot. A DC input, which costs approximately $15, is another item you’ll need to purchase. You can get one at a vehicle parts store. Applying DC will be powered by the DC input. Purchase an inverter to convert the DC power stored in the battery into AC power, which can then be used to power and operate AC equipment.

How to Construct a Solar Power Plant

The 2000 watt solar generator must be constructed next. The DC meter should first be connected to the DC input using a drill. Put this anywhere on the battery box’s top. Connect the battery terminals of the DC meter using shielded wire. Make sure you connect the positive (+) and negative (-) poles in that order, working with just one wire at a time. The solar panel and DC inlet should then be connected to the battery box. Remember to connect the positive (+) poles second and the negative (-) poles first.

Once Everything Is Connected

Once everything is connected, shut the battery box’s cover and place the solar panel where it will receive the most direct sunshine. For a dead battery, charging the solar panel should take around five hours, and for a weak battery, roughly two hours. At 115 volts AC, this solar generator can run continuously for around five hours when fully charged. It ought to be able to run tiny appliances and a laptop, small TV, or fan.

Families across North America are always struggling to pay their mounting monthly costs. The cost of electricity does not make things any simpler. The price of electricity is increasing along with the price of fuel. You will not only save money when you use a portable solar generator, but you will also be happier when you use a renewable energy source.

Power outages are quite prevalent in most cities. You won’t have to be concerned about power outages due to storms or other environmental factors if you utilize a solar system to power your home.

We lived at a time when the overuse of our natural resources was a serious issue. You may contribute to the preservation of the environment and our natural resources by using renewable energy sources. Additionally, you will avoid paying high energy costs and save money. Utilizing solar energy significantly reduces the overuse of fossil fuels.


You can build solar panels on your own with the assistance of online resources like Home Made Energy. As a result, you will use solar energy much less frequently and incur lower investment costs. For as little as $100, a portable solar generator can be built. You can take it anywhere you go because it is portable, including on a camping trip.

By using bigger solar panels, connecting more solar panels together, adding more inverters, and adding more batteries, the power of this solar generator can always be increased. Always make sure to keep electrical equipment out of children’s reach.

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