Fishing Games on Maxim88: Available Game Providers to Explore

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As arguably the most popular online casino Malaysia and across Asia, it is unsurprising to see countless games and betting options on Maxim88. For several years, the reputable betting site has continued to offer a premium betting experience to registered members. After successfully creating an account with Maxim88 casino, you can enjoy slot games, casino games, lottery games, sports betting, esports, and fishing games Malaysia

Speaking about the adventurous fishing games, it is among the most played iGaming category on Maxim88. By choosing to play Fishing God, Fishing War, or any other fishing game on Maxim88, you can expect to have a fun time exploring the marine world. Sometimes, it can also be an adventure across the land, depending on your choice of game. Regardless, fishing games are well-known for coming with incredible features, including auto-target, weapons, life-like environment, etc. 

However, Maxim88 understands the importance of variety. In this way, players can look forward to different games and explore various experiences. Consequently, multiple providers are accessible to Maxim88 patrons. In other words, you can play fishing games from various providers or even compare games to determine the best option for yourself. Learn about the available game providers on Maxim88 below and what you can expect. Enjoy reading.

FC FA Chai

Recently, Maxim88 introduced fishing games from FC FA CHAI to registered members. All games from the entertainment brand are found to be unique and reliable. The game provider utilizes state-of-the-art security measures to protect the user’s gaming experience. Also, the gaming algorithm supports complete fairness. 

On Maxim88, patrons do not face any difficulty accessing fishing games from FC FA CHAI. The Malaysia online casino offers numerous bonuses and promos for newbies and returning members. These lucrative offers can be used to enhance your winnings. Meanwhile, fishing games from the brand usually include special weapons and bonuses that can contribute to your winning rate. Below are the available FC FA CHAI fishing games on Maxim88 to explore:

  1. Monkey King Fishing
  2. Bao Chuan Fishing
  3. Fierce Fishing
  4. Star Hunter

YGR Games

Here is another recently introduced game provider on Maxim88. YGR is responsible for several slot games, fishing games and special arcade games in online betting space. The reputable game provider team focuses on ensuring fair gaming experience. All the games are developed with an approved algorithm for quality betting sessions. Focusing on fishing games, YGR has currently developed five different gaming products. 

Every fishing game from YGR Games is special and different. The themes, characters, features, and payout are distinct. This means players do not get bored playing similar games from the same provider on Maxim88. Furthermore, the games are accessible in various languages and compatible with Windows, Android, add iOS devices. So, you can enjoy mobile fish gaming on your smartphone or a bigger screen, such as a PC. If you would like to enjoy fishing games by YGR Games on Maxim88, feel free to choose from any of the options below:

  1. Insect Master
  2. Pirates Fishing
  3. Dragon Zuma
  4. Zumas Honor
  5. Chill Fishing

CQ9 Gaming

You will hardly find an experienced gamer in Asia who is not familiar with the CQ9 game provider. The brand is responsible for several table games, arcade games, slot games, and fishing games. By choosing to play iGaming products from CQ9, you can expect immersive graphics, fantastic gameplay, and multiple rewards. Furthermore, most games from the company support multiple players and high user engagement. 

Maxim88 patrons have access to different fishing games from CQ9 Gaming. All the games are supported by bonuses and promos from the Malaysian betting platform. Also, members get to access the games from Maxim88 App. This implies that you can always access the games from anywhere. Players who have access to exclusive deals as VIP members get more out of the CQ9 games. Below are the available fishing games from the brand on Maxim88 casino:

  1. Turn you On
  2. OneShot Fishing
  3. Lucky Fishing
  4. Hero Fishing

JILI Games

Most online players appreciate the gaming product from JILI Games from different factors. First off, slot games, arcade games, fishing games, and table games offer massive payouts. Regardless of your preferred game, you stand a high chance of winning big money by playing JILI Games. However, there is more – this ranges from pleasing graphics in slot and fishing games to interesting storylines behind the games. As you explore the games, you’ll come across various games, movies, history, and legendary characters.

If you would prefer to play JILI Games on Maxim88, fishing games are highly recommended. The iGaming products will keep you rooted to your seat, enjoying a memorable gaming experience. Maxim88 ensures players do not have to worry about security standards, payment processing, and privacy, as Malaysian betting platforms offer the best gaming services. To get started, consider choosing any of the following fishing games from JILI:

  1. Royal Fishing
  2. Dragon Fortune
  3. Mega Fishing
  4. Dinosaur Tycoon
  5. Bombing Fishing
  6. Jackpot Fishing


Here is a world-class game provider on Maxim88. Slot games and fishing games from Spadegaming feature significantly high RTP. Also, you’ll find games with low, medium, and high volatility from Spadegaming. This enables members to choose an ideal game for themselves. Spadegaming products often come with levels. In other words, as you play the games more, you get to unlock and engage in higher challenges. As you move up the ladder, you get more rewards. 

Fishing games from Spadegaming are some of the early fishing games introduced to Maxim88 patrons. Hence, most returning players who love fishing games have enjoyed the iGaming products. If you are new to Maxim88, you may consider starting with fishing games by Spadegaming, including:

  1. Zombie Party
  2. Fishing God
  3. Fishing War
  4. Alien Hunter


This game provider is among the leading game development agency globally. NextSpin has developed multiple slot games, arcade games, and fishing games. In other words, they know everything it takes to build a solid and entertaining iGaming product. Unsurprisingly, the massive company only works with reputable online casinos with track records, such as Maxim88. 

Thus, it is understandable to see both slot games and fishing games from NextSpin on Maxim88. Once a player completes their account registration, you can deposit in the NextSpin wallet in your account. In this way, it becomes possible to bet on the fishing game and win real money. However, NextSpin has developed only a single fishing game with the free game feature, free game multiplier, and medium volatility – Fishing Paradise. 


Apparently, twenty-four fishing games from six different game providers are currently available on Maxim88 online casino. All the games are from renowned game developers who are known for fairness and high-quality products. Maxim88 patrons have access to all the games as long as they have their wallets funded. Meanwhile, the Malaysia online casino has several lucrative offers in place to help members win from the fishing games. Enjoy the gameplay while at it. 

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